Casey Planning Scheme - Amendment C198

Amendment details


Please Note: Proposal description below describes the amendment at exhibition stage. To verify content of the final approved amendment see the Explanatory Report under the Approval documentation tab below.

The amendment implements the findings and objectives of the Casey Housing Strategy including the review of the Low Density Residential Zone

Amendment status: Exhibition

Amendment status date: 09/11/2017

Environmental Effects Statement (EES): No

Planning authority contact details:

Casey City Council

Magid Drive, Narre Warren

9705 5200

Amendment stages

Amendment documents

View the proposed changes to the planning scheme and the amendment documents.

This amendment affects clauses and schedules:

Clause 21.01, Clause 21.02, Clause 21.03, Clause 21.06, Clause 21.07, Clause 21.09, Clause 21.10, Clause 21.15, Clause 21.17, Clause 21.19, Clause 21.20, Clause 21.21, Clause 21.22, Clause 21.22, Clause 21.23, Clause 21.24, Clause 21.25, Clause 32.03 Schedule 1, Clause 32.03 Schedule 2, Clause 32.07 Schedule 3, Clause 32.08 Schedule 2, Clause 32.09 and Clause 32.09 Schedule 1

This amendment affects maps:

1ZN, 2ZN, 3ZN, 4ZN, 5ZN, 6ZN, 7ZN, 8ZN, 9ZN, 10ZN, 11ZN, 12ZN, 14ZN and 15ZN

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