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Help with using these records

This page provides tips for researching the historical record of all planning schemes based on the Victoria Planning Provisions.

For information pre-dating the 'new format' planning schemes and the Victoria Planning Provisions introduced between 1997 and 2000, visit historical planning scheme records between 1946 and 1997.

On this page:

Using the historical planning scheme records pages

To view a planning scheme at a point in time

Select the last amendment before the date you are researching. This will display a page with links to all the clauses in the planning scheme at that time. The adjoining Maps link shows the planning scheme maps at that time.

To identify controls applied to a location

First select the relevant Maps link to see a page showing the maps at the date of the amendment. Once you have identified the land and what zone and overlays (if any) apply, select the amendment link to view the clauses.

Note: Map files display the zoning and any other overlays that apply to the land being researched. The clauses show what these controls require. Other parts of the planning scheme may also apply.

Missing Maps links

Maps were not available electronically for some early planning schemes. In these cases, you should contact the relevant municipal council to view a copy.

Viewing  a planning scheme at a point in time

Clause description

If you are unsure of the Clause number you need, the Contents at Clause 03 lists the complete name of each clause in the scheme.

Amendment VC37

Amendment VC37 made minor adjustments to the formatting of all planning schemes including the addition of a last amended margin note next to each clause. If there has been no change to the clause since VC37 this can sometimes cause confusion as VC37 may appear in the margin note next to a clause even though it made no change to the clause.

C, GC and VC amendments

Following the 'NPS1' amendments are listed in order of gazettal with the prefix 'VC', GC or 'C'. C amendments change that planning scheme only. GC amendments change more than one planning scheme. VC amendments change the Victoria Planning Provisions and all (or some) planning schemes.

What did an amendment change?

Find why an amendment change in three easy steps:

  1. Visit the Planning Portal, Schemes and Amendments
  2. Click on your Suburb from the map, or enter the name in the search box
  3. Click the Histories tab

When was a change introduced?

If you don't know which amendment introduced the change, you could:

  1. Search the list of amendments

    Each amendment is briefly described in the List of amendments at the end of each planning scheme. The change may be included in the brief description. Open the latest List of amendments as it will identify all amendments made to the planning scheme.

  2. Work through amendment links until you find the change

    Open the relevant planning scheme history index page. Select an amendment link at about the time you think the change may have occurred and work backwards or forwards opening links until you find the amendment that made the change. Select an amendment link for a text change and a Map link for a rezoning.

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