Zones & overlay legend

This legend can be used as a reference to the planning scheme zones and overlays maps.

You can view a detailed definition of the provisions for any zone or overlay by selecting a legend item from the list.

Salinity Management Overlay State Resource Overlay Special Building Overlay Parking Overlay Neighbourhood Character Overlay Melbourne Airport Environs Overlay Land Subject to Inundation Overlay Incorporated Plan Overlay Erosion Management Overlay Floodway Overlay Development Contributions Plan Overlay City Link Project Overlay Airport Environs Overlay Urban Growth Zone Urban Floodway Zone Priority Development Zone Dockland Zone Comprehensive Development Zone Capital City Zone Activity Centre Zone Rural Conservation Zone Rural Activity Zone Green Wedge A Zone Green Wedge Zone Residential Growth Zone General Residential Zone Neighbourhood Residential Zone Residential 3 Zone Residential 2 Zone Low Density Residential Zone Industrial 2 Zone Commercial 2 Zone Commercial 1 Zone Commercial 1 Zone Commercial 1 Zone Industrial 1 Zone Industrial 3 Zone Public Conservation and Resource Zone Public Park and Recreation Zone Public Use Zone Road Zone Residential 1 Zone Township Zone Rural Living Zone Farming Zone Special Use Zone Design and Development Overlay Environmental Audit Overlay Public Acquisition Overlay Road Closure Overlay Significant Landscape Overlay Environmental Significance Overlay Heritage Overlay Commercial 1 Zone Commercial 2 Zone Commercial 2 Zone Mixed Use Zone Restructure Overlay Vegetation Protection Overlay Development Plan Overlay Bushfire Management Overlay