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Greater Bendigo VC49

Exempts further ‘minor matters’ from requiring a planning permit to streamline Victoria’s planning system and improve the workability of provisions; refines referral requirements for Director of Public Transport, Country Fire Authority and VicRoads; introduces new referral requirements under the UGZ for the City of Greater Geelong; Clarifies the notice provisions under the MAEO; introduces the Public Transport Guidelines for Land Use and Development as a reference document; changes the advertising sign provisions under Clause 52.05, including new decision guidelines and application requirements; provides a final extension of time to 31 December 2008 for lodgement of applications for existing Major promotion signs allowed under the continuance provision in Clause 52.05-5; changes the UGZ Part A advertising sign controls from Category 4 to Category 3; introduces new exemptions under the Clause 52.17 native vegetation provisions to improve their operation; introduces a new particular provision for native vegetation precinct plans in Clause 52.16; and makes other administrative changes, updates and corrections to the VPP.




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